The Ambrosi Family and Master Grinding

Guido and his son Italo “Bill” Ambrosi were born in Carisolo in the Val Rendena, an area in the province of Trento, Italy. There, they learned the knife sharpening skills of the Moleta. Along with many other Italians, the family moved to America. Once here, they quickly began working as knife grinders in the New York City area. Eventually, Bill moved his family to New Jersey and built what has become Master Grinding Service, Inc.
Bill continued to grow the business with his own son Raymond. Eventually his cousin Emilio joined with them in 1976, followed a few years later by Bill’s youngest son, John. The current owners continue to be Raymond, Emilio, and John Ambrosi. John’s wife, Renee handles our bookkeeping and Emilio’s wife, Rita takes care of our sales and marketing. And while he’s not technically family, Angelo Dalbon feels like family and has been a key employee for longer than we can remember — probably longer than he can.
Speaking of our team, they don’t just have years of experience, they have decades. More than having a technical proficiency on the machines and stones, our staff has the “touch” for giving knives the best blade edge possible. And, while we’re pretty protective of our special methods, they really can’t be replicated even if we told you. It’s as much an art as a skill.

In addition to our sharpening personnel, our delivery/sales people are equally important in providing supreme service to our customers. Our drivers will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the knives provided to your establishment.

We truly love what we do. We take care of each other like families should and work hard because we enjoy what we do. The history of our profession is rich and proud, and we love the rapport with other grinders here in the Northeast and across the USA. So, whether it’s reminiscing about the history of the Moleta or looking forward to dynamic product development or revolutionary web services, the Ambrosi grinding traditions are here to stay.